A Meal by Any Other Name

The other day, someone asked me what my favorite meal to cook is.  I generally hate this question, for a variety of reasons that I won’t bother getting into.  But I’m also generally a trooper, and started with my general answer that I like to cook food people like, leading into that I prefer making salads and sandwiches because they’re endlessly customizable –

And then the person cut me off.  “No,” they insisted, “your favorite meeeaaal.  A full meal.  A salad is more of just a course, you know?”

1 – don’t interrupt me.

2 – what the fuck is a fucking meeeaaal?

Because I thought it was food that you eat when you’re hungry.   And considering how the Standard American Diet (SAD) of meals is treating our bodies, maybe we should rethink it a little.

So yes, a salad can be a meal.  And not just one of those weird, mega salads with fried chicken, and creamsicle dressing, and chips on it.  A salad like greens, and other vegetables, and some fruit or nuts, and maybe some kind of protein.  And you eat it, and you’re full, and it’s a freaking meal.  Maybe you have some bread or something on the side.

Some things that are meals:

  • Eggs and veggies
  • Big pile of veggies
  • Leftovers
  • Fruit and nuts
  • Ice cream

Yeah, ice cream.  You’re a grown ass person, and no one should tell you what makes a meal.



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